Top 20 MMA Striking Techniques

Top 20 MMA Striking Techniques :

Top 20 MMA Striking Techniques

Top 20 MMA Striking Techniques 

    1. Jab: A quick, straight punch with the lead hand to set up combinations or gauge distance.

    1. Cross: A powerful straight punch with the rear hand, often used to follow up after a jab.

    1. Hook: A horizontal punch thrown with a bent arm, targeting the opponent's chin or body.
    2. Uppercut: A vertical punch aimed upward, usually targeting the chin or solar plexus.
    3. Straight Right (or Left): Similar to a cross but thrown with the lead hand, useful for close-range strikes.
    Top 20 MMA Striking Techniques 

    1. Front Kick (Push Kick): A kick delivered with the ball of the foot or heel, targeting the opponent's midsection or legs.

    1. Roundhouse Kick: A powerful kick using the shin or foot, targeting the opponent's body or legs.

    1. Side Kick: A straight kick delivered from the side, often aimed at the opponent's midsection or legs.
    2. Back Kick: A thrusting kick delivered backward, usually targeting the opponent's midsection or legs.
    3. Knee Strike: A close-range strike using the knee, targeting the body or legs of the opponent.

    1. Elbow Strike: A short-range strike using the elbow, effective for close-quarter combat.
    2. Spinning Back Fist: A spinning strike with the back of the fist, surprising opponents with its angle.
    3. Superman Punch: A jumping punch thrown with power and momentum, catching opponents off guard.

    1. Clinch Strikes: Various strikes are used while in the clinch position, including knees, elbows, and short punches.
    2. Flying Knee: A jumping knee strike, often used to counter or initiate attacks.
    3. Push Kick to the Knee: A front kick aimed specifically at the opponent's knee, useful for disrupting balance.
    4. Lead Leg Teep: A front kick using the lead leg, employed for maintaining distance and disrupting the opponent's rhythm.
    5. Thai Clinch Knee: A knee strike delivered from the Thai clinch position, highly effective in close quarters.
    6. Spinning Hook Kick: A spinning kick targeting the head or body, utilizing momentum for power.

    1. Ax Kick: A descending kick aimed at the opponent's head or shoulders, using the heel or blade of the foot.

    Each technique has its purpose and can be used strategically based on the situation and the opponent's style.

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